At Community Creative Services we pride ourselves on our TOP THREE attributes that make us stand out as the best marketing and design choice for you and your team. 


You can count on Community Creative Services to bring a positive can-do attitude to your project or campaign.  We pride ourselves on our unmatched energy to communicate your message as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We don't piddle around with your billable hours, and we do our best work under a deadline.

You can find the following examples of mentioned on this website:

"Andrea is an incredibly efficient worker, always looking for the best and most productive way to accomplish a task. She has a fun, energetic attitude and is up for any task thrown her way! She's fantastic!!"   

- Courtney Hiebert, USD 460 Hesston High School.


Much of the success of your small business or non-profit organization will come down to the ability to solve problems - and sometimes, you just can't see your way around them.  We can help guide you by seeking to understand your unique needs and process them until we come up with an innovative, and realistic solution.

You can find the following examples mentioned on this website:

"After working with Andrea for a few years in areas that require adherence to timelines, attention to details, and creative problem-solving, I have seen over and over that Andrea comes through with some amazing concepts and ideas.  She is reliable, good-natured, and diligent."   

- Constance Gehring, Harvey Arts Connect.


We want to give you the most BANG for your buck.  That means we strive to be as efficient as possible to keep billable hours down, and we offer a variety of solutions to keep promotional costs manageable and highly effective.

"Andrea helped us with event planning, social media posts, stunning invites, and so much more! Her services are more inclusive and more cost-effective than other businesses we consulted with. We will continue to use Andrea's marketing and consulting services for our business! Highly Recommend!"   

Karrie Ruebke, Essential Elements Wellness Spa